Helmet Eject System
A riders helmet is one of the most important safety items that can be used along with safe riding practices. As an added safety measure we at the California City Fire Department use the Eject Helmet Removal System. This system allows for rapid removal of a riders helmet without manipulating their neck or spine when spinal injury is suspected.


This system below is specially designed for use by our EMS professionals that is inserted into a riders helmet to safely remove it with out manipulating the riders spine.

There is another version the we recommend that can be purchased by the rider that is permently placed inside the helmet. Once properly placed in the helmet it is immediately ready for use by EMS professionals to rapidly remove your helmet safely. The benefits of purchasing your own system is that it can be removed by anyone with proper training, at a track, sporting event,  or at a remote location where the local EMS service do not have this specialized Eject Helmet Removal System.

Get more information at http://www.ejectsafety.com


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