Life Safety Inspections

Fire and Life Safety Inspections in Local Businesses


The California City Fire Department is implementing a program for annual Fire and Life Safety Inspections at all commercial properties within the City beginning July 2013. These inspections are designed to ensure that businesses and commercial occupancies are compliant with The 2010 California Fire Code. The City considers Fire and Life Safety Inspections at these types of occupancies to be a benefit to the owners/operators, their tenants and guests, and are an important part of fire prevention. They not only protect life and property, but may also protect economic interests. By preventing or reducing losses, the community can help contain the cost of insurance and may help businesses avoid financial disasters stemming from fires.

Are these inspections required?

Yes. These inspections must be conducted annually for all commercial properties and properties containing three or more dwelling units including hotels, motels, lodging houses, bed and breakfast facilities, and congregate residences.  The California Health and Safety Code, Section 13146.2(a) mandates that these inspections be completed annually by the Authority having jurisdiction, while the California Health and Safety Code, Section 13146.2(b) provides the Fire Department legal authority to perform these inspections and cite for violations.