Residential Burn Permits
Permits are available for all residents within the Municipality limits of California City. These permits are valid for the burning of yard vegetation only. It is NOT permitted to burn trash, hazardous material or construction debris.
If you wish to burn, you must first obtain a valid permit. There is no cost for a Burn Permit  as of 7/1/12.
Permits are available and are issued by the California City Fire Department between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm (Business hours). Burn permits are good for thirty calendar days year from the date that the permit is issued.
Burn days.
On the day you wish to burn, you must confirm that it is an approved burn day by calling the California City Fire Department at (760) 373-4841. Daily burn approval is contingent upon the air quality index, wind and fire weather. Please refer to the safe burning standards posted on the burn permit which will be explained upon the issuing of the burn permit.
Please remember that failure to follow the guidelines, rules and restrictions of the burn permit may result in possible fines and/or legal action. You are responsible for your fire and you are liable if it gets out of control.

Click Here to see if today is a permissible burn day.

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If it is windy or the wind picks up DO NOT BURN or PUT IT OUT!

Burn Pemit

Hazard Reduction Pile Burn Permit

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If smoke could affect your neighbors do burn.

You must have 10 feet clearance down to mineral soil to any combustible or structure.

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• This permit is valid for Hazardous Reduction pile burning only and is not valid for agricultural burning. • Do not burn leaves, pine needles, or trash. • This permit expires as indicated in the shaded box on the bottom of permit or at the end of the announced Burn Season for the area. • Permit may be suspended at any time by State or local authorities, or by proclamation. • You arc responsible for your smoke. Creating a nuisance is a violation that is subject to penalties. • This permit is valid for igniting materials between 8 am to 3pm (fire should be extinguished by sunset) on Burn Days authorized by the California Air Resources Board. Call local Fire Department listed below for "Burn Day" status before Igniting 11ny t1re.

Safety Considerations

Permittee Must Not Burn during hot or dry periods when winds are strong enough that burning would be considered unsafe. Example: wind extends a light flag or cloth. The fire shall be: (a) attended at all times by at least one prudent and responsible person; (b) confined within cleared firebreaks or barriers adequate to prevent it from escaping control. This permit does not relieve the permittee from using reasonable and prudent care to prevent damage to the properly of others or injury to persons as prescribed by law. In the event of negligence, which results in escape of the fire requiring suppression action, the Permittee will be held liable for suppression costs and/or penalties.
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By hitting "Submit" you certify that all the above is correct and that you will follow all safety requirements and guidelines or face possible fine or jail time.

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