Home Hazard Identification Program


Community Home Hazard Identification Program

In an effort to improve community and firefighter safety, we have developed a voluntary program called the Community Home Hazard Identification Program. You as a resident of California City can notify the Fire Department of any unusual or potentially hazardous situations the fire department may encounter if there is fire or emergency in your home.

Examples of unusual or potentially hazardous situations include:

  • A home business or hobby business
  • Elderly bed confined family members
  • Welding or paint booth equipment
  • Storage of a large amount of home use chemicals
  • Home Day Care Facilities for Adults or Children
  • Use of security bars around multiple doors and windows of the home
  • Heavy Home Machinery
  • Wood Shops
  • Oxygen Tanks
  • Home Ammunition Reloading

This information will be placed in the Kern County Fire Department Computer Aided Dispatch System, which will be transmitted to a mobile data computer in the event that any fire apparatus is dispatched to your home, from anywhere in the county. The benefit of this program will help firefighters make rapid decisions on where to look for family members in the event of a fire, or to begin formulating plans on how to deal with the special hazard you may have, while still responding to your home. This information will be kept strictly confidential and only made available to fire department personnel during an actual emergency at your home.

The concept of this program is not new and has existed for commercial business for many decades. This has helped firefighters call for additional resources early, instead of playing catch up after the hazards are discovered after the fact. This program is completely voluntary and you can sign up on our website by completing a simple annual questionnaire.


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