In order to Obtain a Burn Permit and to burn please see the information below:


Step 1.


Confirm the status below is Green and says "Burn". If it is Red or says "No Burn" you may not burn today. Please check back tomorow.

Step 2.

You may not burn Trash or Construction Materials at any time!


Option 1

Option 2

(Note: this option will be removed in the near future and only online burn permits will be issued.)

Step 3:

Obtain a burn permit from the California City Fire Department at: 20890 Hacienda Blvd. California City, CA 93505

Step 4:

Check the burn status above
Step 5:
Call 760-373-4841 to request authorization to burn and review the rules and regulations to burn.
(Note: Citations may be issued for failure to comply with burning regulations)

Step 6:
Call 760-373-4841 to advise when burning has ceased.

Step 3:

Use our new online Burn Permit system and there is no need call or come in for a burn permit.

You can register for an account by clicking below!


(Scan the QR code to register via mobile phone)

Step 4:

Log into your account and fill out the "Burn Permit" request that will be valid between 8 am-3 pm

If you have any issues related to the use of the system please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 760-373-4841 during normal business hours.

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