Demographics & Quick Facts


Population Protected:
14,000 (resident)
2,500 (Inmate)
Up to 100,000 (Day Visitors and OHV)

Square Miles Served: 204

ISO Rating: 3/3X

Number of Fire Stations: 2 (1- Main City, 1- Seasonal OHV-Borax Bill)

Fire Equipment:
1- Type I Front Line Fire Engine
2- Type I Reserve Fire Engine (1 out of service)
1- Type III Wildland Fire Engine
1- Type VI Wildland Patrol
1- Paramedic/Rescue Squad
1- Arson/Fire Investigation Unit
1- Fire Chief/Command Vehicle
1- Mobile Light & Air Unit
2- Code Enforcement Vehicles (1 out of service)

Minimum Daily Staffing Level per Shift and Ranks: 4
1-Fire Captain, 1 Fire Apparatus Engineer, 2- Firefighter/Paramedic (24/7 staffing)

1- Fire Chief, 1 Administrative Assistant, 2- Code Enforcement Officers (40 Hour Work Week, Fire Chief on call for incidents 24/7)

Number of Personnel: 14 (13 sworn, 1 Civilian, 2 Code Enforcement)

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